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10 Things About Me

  1. Happiest in a window seat on a plane (I’ve visited 50+ countries)

  2. My So Called Life defined my high school years #JordanCatelano

  3. Arts Educator for 10+ years 

  4. The Dalai Lama once slapped my face

  5. I climb big rocks and dive 140+ feet below sea level

  6. I lived in Israel and Mexico for some time

  7. Proud native New Yorker who needs strong coffee in the morning

  8. I’ve led several photography workshops abroad

  9. Self-proclaimed beauty product junkie

  10. When I travel I always buy local honey and soap



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I'm Melanie & I'm a photographer

I shoot news, sporting events, concerts, travel, Save The Dates, you name it! My style, aesthetic and overall vibe is photojournalistic, which I developed while working in the Middle East 15 years ago. I’m based in Brooklyn but travel often.

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I’m a new yorker 

My entire family was born and raised in NY.


I grew up knowing the best clubs and learned early how to parallel park.


As a nature lover, I often leave the concrete jungle in order to come back and miss it!


Travel was a major part of my upbringing and taught me to see the world through many different perspectives.

How Did I Get Here?

I was always more Artsy than Sporty Spice. I took art classes as a kid and every art elective in school.


Eventually, my darkroom photography teacher submitted a photo I took into a contest. After winning, it got me thinking, "How can I combine my passions for travel and anthropology?" The answer? Photojournalism.


Semester at Sea and my eventual move to Israel jump-started my career. I love what I do and where it’s taken me.


Each job is different, you need to adapt on the fly, know how to schmooze and have fun!

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If you’re looking for spontaneous, on-location editorial imagery, a well-organized and executed process…

I tell visual stories

Let me tell yours.

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